TMP is a group of highly motivated musicians who dare to present a most varied potpourri of sounds. Like artists, they invite the audiece to be part of a colourful journey with music from the Emerald Isles to the golf of Naples, from rich green meadows in the Tyrolean alps to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Listeners are enchanted by mesmerizing waltz music as well as passionate tango. The four of them appear to be lively or high-spirited, thoughtful or melancholic, sometimes an ensemble playing of all. Their tools are their acoustic instruments, their wide repertoire embraces classical music from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or pop and rock from Falco as well as the Rolling Stones. There may be 50 Shades of Grey but only one colourful Tyrol Music Project!


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Hubert Klingler

Grafenweg 233

6314 Niederau - Wildschönau (Tirol)

Telefon.: 0043 / 5339/2206 oder Mobil: 0043 / 676/6366875

E-Mail:: info(aet)

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